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  • Serve as startups' virtual General Counsel
  • Support in-house legal teams on overflow work
  • Manage financings and post-funding matters for investors
  • Represent international clients on U.S. matters
Virtual general counsel services

Your "full stack legal engineer"

If you are leading a startup, your energy should be focused on achieving the development milestone for the next financing, the user acquisition strategy, and the path to revenue, etc. Of course, your company's legal foundation is also critical. Indeed, it can come back to haunt you if you don’t set it up properly – you can refactor your code, but you probably cannot get back contractual and legal rights that you have given up to third parties.


In that regard, we will be your "full stack legal engineer", be it corporate formation, structuring founder shares and vesting, negotiating the financing term sheet, or drafting your first customer contract. Further, because we are entrepreneurial just like you, we are open to creative fee arrangements that suit your needs.

In-House Legal Teams
Support on overflow work

Integrate seamlessly into your operations as an extension of your team

If your in-house legal team requires extra bandwidth from time to time, you can count on us to handle overflow work and provide support during critical periods. We will integrate seamlessly into your operations as an extension of your team and help keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Depending on the circumstances, potentially we can even structure the engagement as a short term full time secondment (e.g., at quarter end) or longer term dedicated part time assignment.

In-House Legal
Managing financings and post-funding matters

Oversee all aspects of investment transactions, as well as manage portfolio companies

In addition to companies, we also represent their financial backers, including strategic corporate investors, venture capital funds, incubators, and angels. We can handle all the legal elements of any investment transactions for you, from term sheet negotiation to due diligence to finalizing definitive agreements. We can also manage post-investment matters, such as monitoring your portfolio companies' compliance with covenants or analyzing your approval and veto rights on key corporate matters. 

International Clients
Representation on U.S. matters

Extensive experience with businesses in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Europe 

With our extensive experience working with businesses in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, U.K., Germany, Brazil, and other countries, we are extremely well positioned to serve the needs of international clients. Our services include: establishing and maintaining U.S. subsidiaries, investments in U.S. startups, acquisitions of U.S. companies, and, of course, guidance on local laws. Importantly, we understand and appreciate the differences in business cultures globally, and we will "translate" the intangibles for you also.

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